8 Questions about my business answered, mysteries solved- real estate

8 Questions about my business answered, mysteries solved- real estate

April 30, 2019 Uncategorized 0

It’s a really frustrating call to get when someone chose a different real estate agent and then calls me for advice. Why didn’t they use me in the first place I wonder? Here are the answers to the most common questions I get, just to clear things up.

1. Do you do anything different than put the house in the MLS?

The answer is YES!!! Not only do I offer a free staging consultation to all of my home sellers, I also do an enhanced digital marketing campaign with re-targeting, their own personal website for each listing, an enhanced yard sign with text for more information, just listed postcards mailers, print materials for marketing, professional photography, boosted and targeted social media posts, magazine advertising and more. PLEASE- just at least give me the opportunity to show you what I can do above and beyond the rest for the same price before you decide.

2. Do you only sell expensive homes

NO! I sell homes of all size and value. Because I sell foreclosure homes as well as luxury homes, my average sale price is $275,000 per home and that’s increased over the years! I sell on an average of 65-100 homes per year. I have sold over 650 homes so far in my career. My slogan is “From your first home to your first mansion we can help!”

3. How can you market my unique property?

Lots of ways! Each property is unique. My extensive background in marketing and sales is what has made me successful in this business. No two homes are marketed exactly the same way. It is figuring out who the most likely buyer for a home is and targeting those people in many different ways.

4. My friend just got their license and I wanted to “help them out” so I used them.

OK, it’s great to use friends, I do lots of business with friends. The thing is, why are you calling me when their lack of experience puts you into a situation where you need advice from an expert? Why trust one of the largest purchases you will likely make in your lifetime to someone with no experience…especially when the price or cost to you is the same?

5. I didn’t want to use a friend.

WHY? Who is going to look out for your best interest better than someone who knows you and wants the best for you? You would never know that we are doing a business transaction at one of my parties or out and about unless you tell your friends. Our relationship and what happens if you are my client is confidential information. I don’t share that with others.

6. We are moving and I didn’t know you could help me find an agent in another city.

I send you to a REFERRAL agent! Anywhere in the world we help you find an agent to suit your needs and I also get a referral fee for doing it. So you are helping me and my business when you ask for referrals. Real estate referrals are greatly appreciated!

7. I didn’t want to bother you to go look at this house.

WHAT? That’s my job! I love showing houses. If I can’t personally show it to you one of the agents on my team who are amazing will help you. Please don’t ever feel like a burden. I am more disappointed to hear when someone didn’t call me rather than “bother” me.

8. I let my house go to foreclosure because I was embarrassed.

NOOOOO- Please don’t do this! I can help you. I am a short sale and foreclosure expert and I will help you get your home sold, I can also help any of your friends. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. If you fall behind in your payments let me know and I will help give you a free consultation on how to best move on, so you are in control of the situation.

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