10 WORST listing photos I’ve seen so far

10 WORST listing photos I’ve seen so far

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Bad Real Estate Photos

The real estate market is tough and competitive. In todays market it takes more than just putting a photo of your home on the MLS and a sign in the yard to get it sold. The ease of getting into the real estate industry has brought out a lot of  new agents.

Many agents don’t have a lot of experience in marketing and sales to get homes sold. But the “rookies” aren’t the only culprits for bad photos. Many “old school” agent’s haven’t caught up with the times of the internet, or for the most part, won’t invest the money to properly market your home.

In addition, lots of agents try to take photos themselves. Don’t let an agent tell you they are a “professional” photographer, unless they truly are. If they are then they wouldn’t be busy selling real estate too right?

Take a look at the difference great photos can make on your home. Which one would you want to see if you were a buyer?


These 2 photos are of the same kitchen! Look what a difference the proper lighting and professional photography can make to highlight a room.


Look at the difference with this kitchen and the lighting and angle of the professional photos. Believe it or not, they were both done by different “professional” photographers. Make sure the one your agent chooses is the best!

Why Professional Photos?

We live in a “right now” day and age. People want information immediately, and 98% of home buyers start their search on the internet.  So, the photos that represent your home for sale are the main thing that is going to attract buyers to your home to get more information.

In addition, the first 4 photos that are used in the MLS are the ones that get syndicated (in most areas) to the other big websites like zillow.com, realtor.com, and homes.com to name a few. It’s important to have the best photos showing up so that people will want to click on your home to see more.

Don’t forget, staging of these homes is important too, but not all homes have the advantage of staging. The best thing a homeowner or agent can do if they can’t afford to hire a professional stager is to de-clutter. Take out things that make photos look “busy”. We use Refresh Your Nest professional staging consultant Shannon Hawkins for all of our staging consultations.

In the end, hiring a professional photographer can be the difference in getting your home sold, for more money and more quickly. We use Virtual Realty Photography

Here is a sample of some amazing photos Virtual Realty has done for us:

Here are some examples of the WORST marketing photos I’ve seen so far.

  1. This listing agent wasn’t even motivated enough to get out of the car for a photo of the front of the house.


2. What exactly is this supposed to show us about the house? It is a great picture of a cluttered room with a blanket. Should have just left the photo out of the listing.

3. It would have only taken about 2 minutes to take off the toiletries from the sink and get a photo of the entire bathroom.

4. This blurry bathroom photo I guess is highlighting the shelves in the shower?

5. This very dark living room photo, which includes the date stamp, barely shows the potential of this vaulted ceiling living room.

6. This dark photo with cluttered tables could be so much more beautiful with the proper lighting and photography, de-clutter, and it would really “pop”.
Front of a $500,000 house

Main front photo

7. This agent didn’t even try to get a nice photo of the front of this $500,000 listing, you could take a better photo with your cell phone.


8. What exactly is this a photo of? The stairs or the wall?

9. Maybe the agent couldn’t get the sellers to clean out the green pool? Wouldn’t make me want to pay $500,000 for a house like this.

10. This potentially beautiful kitchen is lacking proper lighting and photography that would really sell this $498,000 home.

Hopefully, this little sample will inspire you to be sure to have the BEST marketing photos when it comes time to sell your home. If you have any questions, or need help please leave a comment below, and share this with your friends.

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