If there is anything that makes real estate in Hanahan, SC a hot topic, it must be its location. The southern part of Berkeley, where Hanahan is located is the home to amazing historical sites as well as current attractions. The most notable thing about the development of real estate in this area is the excavation in the 1970’s of the three brick vat systems that were so popular. This was the turning point of the construction industry and you now can expect to find some of the most amazing homes in this area. You will also like living here because there are homes of all sizes; so whether you have a big family or you want to live alone, there will be something for you.
Historical Houses
When you arrive in Hanahan, you will quickly notice the historic landmark from the eighteenth century, Indigo plantation. In fact, this has, for many years, been the face of this town. When it was in its early years, members of Low country families owned this plantation. They came from both Middleton and Moultrie. It is the main reason why it has remained an important part of the town. Surrounding the area are world class amenities, including, but not limited to, schools, hospitals and recreational facilities. Being a town that has a relatively low population, there is room for everyone.
Residential Neighborhoods
The residential neighborhoods are also amazing. Lying between popular locations, such as North Charleston and Goose Geek, it is easy to connect with friends and other accomplices from the nearby cities and towns. The transport system is an effective one too. Whether you want to move around using private or public transport, the options are unlimited. Hanahan elementary, middle and high schools are just some of the many quality schools that you can choose for your children to attend.
You should buy one of the homes for sale in Hanahan, SC if you want to experience an exciting change. If you are not happy with the location you live in or if you just need a new home, this is where you should be headed. The best part is that you do not have to do all this on your own. If you contact View Properties Charleston, you will get all the information you need and questions answered by a professional about any houses for sale in this area.