South of Broad

There is something unique and extraordinary about living in Charleston, South Carolina. If you have always enjoyed history and old-world charm, you will love living here with your family and enjoying all the urban amenities this fantastic city has to offer.
Among the many neighborhoods in Charleston, the most storied and distinctive one is none other than South of Broad. History reveals that George Washington, Robert E. Lee and Theodore Roosevelt all wined, dined and socialized in these grand old homes. Here you will find rows upon rows of gorgeous Lowcountry mansions and homes of different shapes and sizes.
Living in Charleston
Most Charleston residents spend their leisure time visiting nearby pristine beaches, exploring the outdoors, playing golf, and enjoying the many different parks. Being a historical city, tourists and locals alike like to visit museums, watch plays and attend various cultural events. Some of the city’s most famous attractions include:

  • Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum
  • The Calhoun Mansion
  • The Charleston Museum
  • The Gibbes Museum of Art
  • South Carolina Aquarium

Charleston’s downtown area is lined with shops, chic cafes and restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centers. Its cozy, comfortable and laid-back atmosphere attracts thousands of visitors each year. Many of these visitors end up purchasing real estate South of Broad, the quietest area in downtown Charleston.
Homes for Sale South of Broad
Over the past ten years, this area has become a favorite among many second-home owners. Full-time residents can apply for a 4% reduced rate on taxes.
For everything that you need to know about purchasing real estate for sale South of Broad, contact the View Properties Charleston team today.