How we found the middle of nowhere and our favorite music festivals.

How we found the middle of nowhere and our favorite music festivals.

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Lisa: Hi. Welcome back to Rview where we talk about life travel and real estate. And I’m Lisa Richart Hernandez. I’m here today again with my husband, George Hernandez.

George: Hi everybody.

Lisa: So last episode we talked about, we were getting ready to go into having the Super Bowl party at our house. So this past weekend, we have the Super Bowl party. It was a success. Great game.

George: Go chiefs.

Lisa: Well, I guess you’re only a Chief fan because whatever you numbers around the board. When we aren’t rooting for a specific team, then we just go with whatever the numbers, we draw it to our little betting board and see who’s going to win.

George: But I was secretly pulling for the Chiefs, they haven’t won in I think was 30 years. I’m glad they want and they deserve that. They played a very good game.

Lisa: Yeah, So after the chief’s one and the next day, all that was blown up on social media was all this stuff about J. Lo and the halftime show and that, for me, I consider myself a very strong, independent woman. I’ve always taken care of myself as a business owner and for the way they put some of these women down for the performance that they did. It just really blew my mind. So I don’t really want to touch on that too much because I think that there was obviously a lot of controversy both ways. But for me, as a woman, I felt like they were professional, beautiful women that I would aspire to have that kind of stamina, strength and beauty.

George: J. Lo At 50 years old I mean, the stuff she was doing was outstanding. We’ve had seen J. Lo in Las Vegas and her show was I think, two and a half hours and it was non stop for two and a half hours. I was tired after she was done.

Lisa: I mean dancing and costume changes, and the way she relates to the crowd was so amazing. I literally felt like J. Lo and I should be best friends after that. She was so good.

I was cracking up about the woman who are saying she was a pole dancing of the times. So let me just tell you, like first up, kids wouldn’t even know That’s considered pole dancing if some adult didn’t tell him that. But I have taken a pole dancing class before. And let me tell you, if you could hold on to that pole and do that singing or whatever, that’s pretty impressive. I’m just saying it’s a lot harder than it looks.

George: I’m sure it is, I’ve never taken a pole dancing. I can only imagine how hard it is to hold yourself up.

Lisa: I will bring you next time so we don’t discriminate against men.

George: Okay, that will be a whole another podcast. Let’s move.

Lisa: All right, so enough about that. This week, I’m flying out this weekend to go to a real estate convention conference down in Fort Lauderdale and some parties to go to So George is going to hold down the fort here with the kids but talking about me as if we were talking about what to do in a podcast on this week, and we started talking about J. Lo and music and our music festivals is a really big thing that we do every year.

The first music festival that we ever went to was the Carolina Country Music festival in Myrtle, South Carolina. It was awesome. Yeah, And George and I really like sort of every kind of music. Which I guess, maybe not normal.

George: Well, it’s it’s nice that we’re not just focused in one kind of music. We’ve been to a country music festival. We’ve been to like raves. Electronica music? Yeah, it’s all the electronic music. But let’s start with Carolina Country Music Festival. That was 4 day festival in Myrtle Beach. It went Thursday through Sunday. This was our first one so we went ahead and we bought the VIP tickets, which I’m super glad we did.

Lisa: It was super VIP. but we got them really early, so we saved like they started out at $999 a person.

George: Which sounds like a lot, but we got the bar was included all four days. All you could drink a drink, food, air condition, toilets, bathrooms and we were right to front stage. I mean, we were in the front row basically.

Lisa: They probably lost money on us. If you really think about it at $15 a cocktail.

George: They lost their money on the first day.

Lisa: That’s where George and I decided like we had such a great time as a couple at that concert. That was kind of our new thing.

George: Yeah, it was so much fun. The performers were excellent. And from noon to midnight every day for four days. So I guess maybe we should talk about what we learned from that. We realize that you really gotta plan ahead. That’s a long day. We were standing the whole time.

Lisa: We could’ve sat down if we wanted to. But if we were regular VIP Or general admission, it’s exhausting.

George: Yeah, general admission is like way back. The bathroom lines are jam packed. You’re paying for everything.

Lisa: Which is fine if that’s all you can afford. It still a great experience. But at my age, I’m too old for that.

George: Yeah, luckily, we both have the same mentality. We don’t like crowds. Ironically, we go to music festivals, but every means at festival we go to we don’t mind paying extra to have a little VIP treatment so we could be with the crowd. But we can also get away from the crowd and have a little elbow room.

So general admission for Carolina Country Music Festival was jam packed the lines just to get in. With the super VIPs, you have your own entrance. It’s they just really treat you well.

Lisa: So after going to the Carolina Music Festival. But that was around the same time a little bit after maybe that we bought our RV. You heard the story about how we got our RV. So when we first got the RV, we took it down to Florida for a bowl game. When we stopped at this place called The Spirit of Salon in Music Park. And I have researched it on the Internet like best places to stay in an RV, and that came up on somebody’s blog in a list.

I said, Hey, on her way down in Tampa for the game. Can we say one night at The Spirit of Wanted Music Park. I wanted to check it out, see what it’s like. So we went down there and it was New Year’s weekend and I mean, we had a blast. We didn’t even stay for New Year’s Eve. We were in Tampa for that, but it was just such a nice park and huge.

Before that we had gone in our RV to other places in Florida and stuff, and the crowd was a lot older. A lot of just retired people that were sort of snowbirds. 7:53 So it wasn’t kind of fun sort of party family atmosphere that we were kind of looking for. And when we were there, we started talking to some people. They said, “Oh my gosh, have you ever been to Hulaween here?” And we said, “No.” So they told us, You know, Oh, it’s, it’s a music festival and you gotta come and it’s right around Halloween. Everybody gets dressed up and it’s again four days Thursday through Sunday. And so they raised our curiosity, and we we grab the thing, we grab the flyer or we looked it up online, and we’re like, Okay, we could do this.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Both Lisa and. I so it was really caught our eye because again, it’s right around Halloween and it’s this music festival and the line up was pretty good. Probably more than half of the performers we have never, ever heard of. More than half. I haven’t heard of any of them. The main headliners were String Cheese Incident,
Umphrey’s McGee. We have heard of a couple. Umphrey’s I’ve seen before. We were on the older side of that crowd. For sure. We’ll touch on that a little bit later.

So we decide to go to Hulaween. And, of course, like I have to go into research mode like I do for everything. Pretty much everything. That’s a little bit of my control freakishness coming out. But I try to control it pretty well. Now you’ve got it. Okay, so Hulaween I looked it all up and it’s like Rave festival closed. Costumes like three costume changes a day and all these like five different stages and all these lights, and it’s just incredible.

So we had everything we want with some other friends. We had two spaces, two RV spaces. Yeah, so there was six of us that went together and we had the best time. It was incredible. You can’t even really describe. There’s this place at Hulaween and it’s called Spirit Lake and it’s in the middle of the campground. And this is like our what, 400 campsites at this place? Yeah, it’s massive.

I couldn’t even tell you the acreage, but it’s I mean, it’s humongous. Yeah, So the whole place where the main venue is it was almost like almost a mile. Probably able walk, probably from R B to the main stage at night time.

It was incredible the way they have all these, like laser light shows. And, you know, when I was listening to the music, I’m just gonna be honest, like I was having a really hard time getting into it because we did a Spotify playlist for who lean on and the music really doesn’t have much of effect as when you see it live.

It’s like watching a concert on TV or watching it live. The difference of it, the lights and the feeling in the atmosphere and just like the base sort of pumping through you and all these like crazy dressed people just there.

Everybody is like peace and blow. I mean, I loved it. It was visual overload or I shouldn’t say overload. It was awesome. Visual stimulation was crazy. But that Spirit Lake that the most incredible laser light show I’ve ever seen and then they have a hologram.

They project it’s the weirdest thing I know. I’m not gonna explain it properly posted on our our RV podcast again, it’s like posting pictures of the Grand Canyon. It doesn’t know justice, but they somehow have this stream of water that comes out of the lake and they project a hologram onto the the screen of water. And it’s the most amazing thing we are.

First time we went to Spirit Lake, we thought I would just go check it out and see what the big deal is. Well, about three hours later, we were just sitting there going. This is the most incredible thing we’ve ever seen. It was really, really cool. And another really nice thing that we found was the vibe.

Everybody was just so nice. Everybody was there toe and these are young kids. And they were there, like in our twenties. Yeah, I mean, just their toe. Have a good time. Half of them are, you know, sleeping in tents. Some of them are sleeping just in a hammock in a tree, but they’re loving life, and they’re just kicking back. I don’t know if there was any kind of incident. We never, ever saw it. Everybody was just their love and loving each other, and it was really nice.

It was so cool to be in that atmosphere and feel accepted. Even at our age, all the kids were like, really cool and anybody you talked to. They’re thing is they trade trinkets, and that’s how they meet people. That’s how they get to know people. When I heard about that, I bought, like, 500 of those brings light up rings, and I warm a bunch of them one night and was just trading with all these kids. I was really cool. And kids, they’re young adults that makes young, really young adults well, to me their kids are.

But we felt very comfortable on DDE. We really enjoyed it. Yeah, So that was our first really camping music festival experience. The best thing about camping and the music festivals like we’re Carolina Country Music Festival had to go back to her hotel, but who lean. It was like you were there. You woke up at the concert and you just went back to your RV and you’re home already.

That was that’s just think that’s where we sort of fell in love with music festivals and camping. Yes, one downside to who lean They love to party all night long. So a couple nights, the music was just blaring all that. Yet it’s just that steady base thumping. But we have Ah, now we have a white noise maker that takes care of us.

So we took care of that, but highly recommend white noise maker for any music festival. I also highly recommend finding whoever our neighbor Was because he went over to that campsite and told them to shut it down. Or he would They were sleeping in a tent, don’t they? Yeah, no getting around it. So yeah, he pretty much shut them down. But there again, very respectful.

Soon as somebody said something, they toned it down. So a couple other ones we went to just one other. One of the spirit is one of Music Park, which was brain quality. And that was way smaller than hallway and still kind of cold or trying to get that one off the ground. So I think it’s in February.

It might even be in, like, a couple of weeks from now. We’re not gonna hit that one again. Night at one time was enough. It was It was like a Hula Wean knockoff, and it just didn’t work because Hula Ween has the music and the costumes and people go there to see the costumes and to hear the music and Frank Will ity is MME. Or it’s just the arts and music, arts and music. And it was kind of cool, but it’s just starting out who no longer.

So I think, then the next one we went to is bourbon and beyond. No, we went to we fest before bourbon and beyond. Yes, because we took the kids Okay, So, no, Before we went to we fast, even we went toe lights in the forest. So my daughter, Lauren. This is when she was a senior or I’m sorry This summer after she graduated, she says, Mom, he tells them until the door. She says, Mom, will you take me and my friends to this lights and force They’re going to do it on John’s Island in South Carolina.

It’s gonna be out Legree Farms. And it’s like $400 for eight people to go in an RV. So I was like, All right, you know, look into it. So we decided. All right, What the heck? It’s you know, it’s just right over there is 45 minutes away. Let’s just check it out. So we have our RV. This is when we had the boundaries.

Thank God So we get out till the grief arms. Now, this is the first time that people are putting on this like very, very, very small camping festival. Are how many people you say there may be 1000 of the most home lesson that 800 100 maybe 500. Okay, so it’s a 500. Well, anywhere between 30 and 300 wear a man in a minute. Some random number. Lauren asks me, Mommy, can you take me to this music festival, My friends and which I love the fact that my kids even wanna hang out with me. I think it’s cool. So make sure we’re getting there and I pull it on myself from moving. I’ve got my face, jewels and my glitter and my hair callers. And you know, all my crazy makeup for festivals and all these, like, out visits of putting it on.

The girls were like Mommy, No, I’m not wearing that. They have these kind of, like, cute little outfits on We’re not gonna wear that. And I was like, Just wait, girls, you just go out there and you’re gonna come come back and you’re gonna want jewels on your face. I’m telling you, like all those girls out there going to be dressed up So the girls kept saying, No way. We’re not putting that on. You’re silly.

So Lisa puts her all her stuff on and the girls leave to go check out the place. Well, no more than 15 minutes later, they come running back in the RV. And they say, Mommy, Mommy! Mommy, Where’s all the makeup? Put our jewelry on. Put the stuff. Okay, Do me up. Do me up. So they had a great time, and that was their first like experience at that.

But one of the funniest things is we pull up now. This is their first time I’ve ever done this. And legitimately a farm called Legree Farms. We’re passing the cow is any pigs and everything. And I’m thinking to myself, Where is this gonna be where we’re holding this, and it takes us to this very far back field.

That’s literally like ruts Where they you know where the plows kind of go through a miracle Patties everywhere. I mean, the whole place smells like cow shit. I mean, really did. It was like I knew we were I guess maybe you got used to the smell after a while. I’m not really sure.

Thank God we were only there for one night. No, thank God they were old cow Patties. Earl’s It would have really been bad. So they were all dried Yeah, but I mean, when I tell you everywhere you couldn’t step, it was like land mines. You gonna step anywhere without crunching one? Yeah. Anyways, apparently, they’re trying to do that Lights in the forest concert again this year. I can’t really highly recommended or anything, but they’re getting off the ground.

So during the Charleston area, looking for, like, a little fun festival to go to you, I think there. But I think they’re doing it somewhere else this year. Yeah, I’m not really sure. So Okay, so after we went toe lights in the forest, then we went to we first we fest, and that’s we fast. W e fast, not weed. Yeah. Everyone thinks like you took the kids to wed fast. Yeah, we’re smoking bowl. Just getting no way. We fast is one of the longest, running about 30 years largest country music festivals in the country.

So well, I was researching music festivals. I came across this one on, and we decided to make a family trip from Charleston, South Carolina, to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Yes, we’re blocking for punishment, which is 24 hour drive each way. And I think when I was talking about story about Air Force J selling us the the Peyton That’s where we were. We were at we fast. So that way. So we’re on the bounder. And so we took all four of our kids, plus my oldest daughter, Lauren’s boyfriend, and I went to this country music festival.

And when I say in the middle of nowhere, like we were driving in the RV indoors about Are we on this? Are you sure we’re going the right way? And sure enough, there’s a little sign on the side of the road that says Concert in like an arrow.

Then we see one building and it’s a gigantic log cabin and I was like, Oh, well, there’s something in the middle of Nowhere is the largest liquor store I’ve ever seen in my life, and that’s all there is nothing else but like corn fields for miles and this giant Lakers door.

And so we keep on driving. I tell Georgia, like we could literally put a sign that says nowhere and take a picture right now and say we finally found the middle of Oh, no, yes. So it was crazy we got there a day early.

We paid for early admission pass to get in. So glad we did. Yeah, they thank goodness. So we get there, we get everything all set up. I mean, were there about, what, two hours? They come and tell us you can’t be in this spot. Somebody else on special spot. So long stories are the guys we’re super nice. They unhelpful, slowed a ball of ourselves and moved us over to this lake.

Was it like a super VIP or something? So we moved over to a VIP area, and they helped us move everything over there. We set up camp for the second time.

So we were kind of by ourselves the first night because there was nobody there, hardly anyone, which is fine. And by the second day, we were packed in with campers and RVs and stuff, and we just ended up having the most bond with so many fun.

Neighbors will post some pictures on Instagram also see them. It was American Flag Day was one of the theme nights. So it was Chris Stapleton, Keith Urban and who was the third headliner? There’s like 30 bands for the whole weekend. Brooks and Dunn was the other headliner. Yeah. Chris Stapleton ended the show.

It was huge. What? There are things I loved about we fast. We fast actually, in the VIP section in the front actually has reserved seating like literal chairs, which I really loved about that concert.

Because no matter what time you got in that night, if you were drinking during the day or or eating dinner or whatever, when you got to your concert, you were there. You had your seat. You didn’t have to worry about standing there all day long and just at my age, like I don’t I’m too old. Is the standing for eight hours waiting to see somebody you know, play a song is just not my thing.

So I loved having miss eating. We also had a VIP entrance, which is literally right across from where we were parked in the RV. So that was nice. Yeah, we would have had a hike from where were some of those people like the cool thing was there too. You could get a golf cart taxi for $5 which every music festival should have golf cart taxis. We’ll talk about that when we talk about bourbon and beyond the negatives about that. But we walked so far, it was miserable. I loved it.

They had golf cart taxes that they’ve been doing it for 30 years. So they really have a system there and everything set up. So it was really fun. We made a great trip of we fest, but it was a long drive. I mean, the drive was the downer.

The concert itself was great when he came at the best time ever. Kids, that was their first music festival and they loved it. And, you know, we would go watch a band and then we will come back to the campsite and hang out and eat and then go watch another band. And being that we were so close to the stage, we just didn’t care.

If the kids want kids aren’t little kids were right teenagers. I would definitely for the most part say that it’s not a family kid friendly type of people may debate that with me or whatever, but our kids the youngest ones were 15 years old on Dhe.

It was still a little sketchy with all the drinking and party, and that was going on, you know. But we were there monitoring the situation on our kids know better, and they’re very respectful.

I was more worried about the drunks around the kids. Then the kids around the drugs, right? I know everybody was very cool, good people. We met some of the nicest people we still keep in touch with from we fest.

So let’s move on to the next one, which was bourbon and beyond. And that was a really cool music festival in Louisville, Kentucky. And it’s in the bourbon bourbon country. I guess they call the Bourbon Trail bourbon for German Trail.

There were, like 14 different bourbon distributors there and again, a three day music festival with about 30 different bands. Z z top notes. Um, I got so many Live. Live Live was good, really good on dhe. Joan Jett was incredible.

Finally, I’ve never seen her, you know, she was in my era when I was growing up, and I’ve never seen her in concert and she’s still rocking. It was still rock. Oh, I think he’s a top was incredible. I mean, they were incredible. Yeah, they’re all every single One of the musicians were literally from like they were all probably, like, 70 years old. They were old rockers.

But bourbon and beyond is newer Music festival. There was also the Foo Fighters And they’re there, in my opinion, are going through some growing pains. This year, the venue was we had never been so I don’t have anything to compare it to accept what we’ve heard from the past.

The venue was the location for the venue itself was good. The parking was terrible. We were probably well, well over a mile and 1/2 away from the venue. So each way we had to walk. And then once you got to, the venue was huge. So I think I was putting, like, 25,000 steps on my on top of there’s no seating. Even though we did the VIP. You have to sit underneath that tent. But you couldn’t see really the stage. You have to watch it on TV, which is weird.

It was great. Great musicians, Great venue. Just not not the best organized music festival that we have been too on dhe again way I think they’re having growing pains to. That’s what I said a little while ago. They’re gonna get better. They can only get better or otherwise they’ll be gone.

I definitely want to go to that one again this year. Yeah, absolutely. And they also had amazing food, trucks and food. So it was like culinary. They had cooking classes, and then they have these bourbon distributors that have these all different bars set up and little sort of, I guess, speakeasies or whatever, There was a hidden bar, like in the garden, and you go back in there and, like angels have n b.

That’s where it’s like trying to outdo the other so that they can attract a crowd. So that was really cool. Now, George is a bourbon on. They got me. They got me hooked hook, line and sinker again. The food was incredible that the performance were incredible. That Dr wasn’t bad at all from Charleston, South Carolina. But you could stay in a hotel just as easy as you stated in an RV for that music festival and maybe even be more comfortable. It was camping in the parking lot of an amusement park.

Yes, that was still open while the venue was going. Yeah. So while we were there, like, say, for example, who lean bring quality lights in forest. We fast. All of those were actual camping places. They had hookups. They had electricity. Things like that to our sewer. That’s a big you know. You can’t have a bunch of people in your RV if you don’t have sewer hookups. I mean, you have to have some bourbon and beyond. Did not. Yeah, sometimes they actually pump out. So I guess could you could probably do that.

That’s not bad, but way. Either way, you have to pay for water and pump out at bourbon and beyond, and you’re camping in the driveway. So I don’t really love that part of it. But the rest, I definitely would check it out again for sure. So those are Those are basically the main festivals that we want to. And then since we did the super V i. P, they called us about the Carolina Country Music Festival cruise, and that was a really fun thing on Carnival Cruise. Well, I think that’s almost like a whole another podcast about cruising. We can talk about that then.

But let’s touch on that because that was a music festival like Lisa said. She kind of just like jump right into that. But because we had gone to the Carolina Country Music Festival and bought the super V I P tickets, they contacted us to see if we wanted those tickets again. And we told him we couldn’t go at that time. So they said, Well, we’re doing a cruise this year. Would you be interested? So of course, yes, we bought the tickets. We went on board, and that was a lot of fun.

There was not really huge headliners. Well, it was Yeah, well, it was like Coulson Window Joe Diffie, Craig Morgan, Lee Brice, Chris Lane, Michael Ray Don’s got Jimmy Allen formally Colt Ford. I love quote for Davis and brother bands. Louis Prize Fillmore.

So, a lot of definitely had at least one or two. Really, You know, one or two really good ones, a lot of up and coming really good people, and all the concerts were great and of course, being on a cruise ship.

The venues were awesome. It was like a private concert. Because the biggest stage was if you picture a cruise ship wherever the pool is on a cruise ship, that was the biggest venue. They put the stage over the main pool, right? And so everything kind of circles around that so everyone could see. I mean, you could reach out and touch the performers.

That’s how close yours. And they were just wandering around the ship. It was so cool. How many people did you play blackjack with? Oh, my God. At least three of the performers and then played roulette with Jimmy Allen. It was really cool. And, you know, I had never seen or heard of Jimmy Allen, and we’re playing roulette, and I kind of figured this guy was somebody that I realized who it was and started talking about.

It was really, really nice guys, So that was really cool. I mean, we’re way are just You’re gonna perform tomorrow? Today we’re playing roulette together. So that was really cool. Yeah. Everyone was really approachable, easy to talk to. One friend of ours that we met, she she got a picture. I think with almost every one of the artists.

Next year I’m gonna be more aggressive and actually get my photo taken with more artists. So Well, the important thing is she got a picture with me. Yeah. Yeah. So I think that was last year. We did six music festivals. Yeah, and that doesn’t even fantasy fest is a different complete podcast. Oh, let’s not even go there. That’s not a music festival, but we will definitely have a podcast. I’m fantasy first. Yeah, that’s in Key West.

So let’s recap this out of I’m gonna read off the music festivals that we went to and I want to hear from you whether we would go back or not. Carolina Country Music Festival? Absolutely. If it wasn’t for her kid’s graduation begin to hui.

I think I’m moved on beyond Julio and I loved it for the two years that we went. But I feel like I’ve aged out of that. I totally agree. I never felt like we were the oddballs, but it’s just, you know, sometimes you just gotta know when to say when and we had fun for the 1st 2 years, like you said. But we’ll leave that one to the young adults. Brink will, they seemed to build that up.

It was a nice little getaway. But there’s other things I’d prefer to do. Bourbon and beyond you? Absolutely. I want to do that together. That was a Forest Age very good mix of wear on the young end of those agents there. But that’s what I’m saying. It was perfect. It was a lot of young adults, but there was a lot older people than us.

So in George’s 55 48 55 going on 21 lights in the fours. No, my most kids forces to go. Yeah, or unless they really turn it into something with about we fast, I would go back to we fast if it wasn’t 24 hour drive each way. I would rather try like Bonnaroo or another festival. Before I went back to we fast, I would go to we fest if we incorporated it into across the country to worry just a RV trip somewhere that is in the way.

Well, we did. I mean, we stopped at Wisconsin Dells, but what I’m saying is when we went to we fast, it was about we fest and we made a couple stops. The only way I would go back now is that if, like you said, we’re going across the country, let’s go that way and put it into our schedule. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to go there.

Nothing against we fast. Great. Festival performers are excellent. They always have a great lineup. You live in that area, that area. Or if you’re looking for a great country music festival, I would highly recommend we first. It’s just a long haul for us Carolina country music. Cruz. Yeah, we’re definitely doing because we already paid for the deposit we did before we even left the cruise ship. Yes. Remember they had that paper you have to fill out if you want to do it again and you’re not even deposit, So Yep, we’re definitely going to that.

Okay. So I know what we’re doing off Paul. Yeah. So that’s our recap on our music festivals that we have been D’oh. I guess we’re besties. Yeah, I enjoy it. I enjoyed what I like is that we’re not in one track music festival We’ve been the country has been rocked We’ve been thio Whatever. Whatever, Daddy? Yeah, Grateful Daddy. Hey, that’s my description. Music Grateful Dead T. Yeah. If you’re looking for something different to do, try Music Festival. You won’t be disappointed especially if you like, you can make a trip out of it.

You go camping and go to a music festival And that’s the way we would recommend to do it because you’re most of the time you could be camping right in the music festival. Yeah, well, let’s wrap this up. Thank you for listening to us today. And I hope that our words today we’ll help you get some inspiration on some travel or maybe want to explore some different types of music that maybe you have listen to before life short.

We always try to fill it up with many things we can as many new experiences. It’s possible. So if you have any questions about any of the festivals that we’ve been to.

Please feel free to reach out to us on our Instagram at our view podcast. And you can also email at [email protected]. and we would also love to just have some feedback from you. I had a great feedback today from a listener that just almost brought me to tears. It made me really happy just to hear someone that was inspired by our podcasts, and I just love that. So we love questions. I would love any topic ideas that you have. You can e mail him again at [email protected] . You can follow our be travel at George’s Instagram, RView from the road and until next week, over and out keep them wheels rolling by the next one.

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