George and Lisa interview Joey Locker from Locker’s Southern View Luxury Motorcoach Resort.

George and Lisa interview Joey Locker from Locker’s Southern View Luxury Motorcoach Resort.

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Lisa RichartHernandez  0:00
Hi, welcome to RView. We have a great show for you today. I’m super excited to talk to Joey locker with lockers southern view luxury motorcoach resort that’s going to be built right outside of Nashville, Tennessee. It’s going to tell us all about it. So stay tuned.

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Welcome to RView with your hosts George and Lisa Hernandez each week listening as George and Lisa talk about their RV and travel adventures all around the world. George and Lisa travel in their 40 foot Class A Tiffin Motorcoach and tow their Jeep Wrangler, always looking for fun and adventure.

Lisa RichartHernandez  0:46
Hi, welcome back to RView. I’m Lisa RichartHernandez. And I’m George Hernandez and today I’m so excited to have our guests with us. His name is Joey locker and he is developing a Luxury RV Resort right outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Welcome Joey. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Joey Locker  1:06
Well, Lisa, thanks for having me. This has been a long time coming. I mean, we’ve been talking for over a year now probably I’ve been following your podcast. Yeah, but yours. It’s kind of a weekend I got introduced but good. My name is Joey Locker. I am developing locker southern view. Luxury motorcoach resort outside of Nashville, Tennessee, is a 72 acre property that will feature 300 Lots 150 of those lots will be in a gated community with owners that will be able to come out and design their own lots. So each one of those lots will have you can do pavilions, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, sitting areas all along the riverside. So one of the good things about this property is it has over half a mile riverfront on it itself. Wow. It’ll be gorgeous setting itself and from the beginning of the property to main gates to Broadway in Nashville is 25 minutes itself so and then another hour and a half, maybe two hours by slow boat to downtown Nashville as well. So

Lisa RichartHernandez  2:19
that’s, that’s awesome. You know, I’m sure just from listening to our podcast, but Nashville is one of Georgia nice favorite places to go by. But well visit anytime but especially in the motorcoach. So like having an option to stay at a Luxury RV resort will be great and even better to own one, right.

Joey Locker  2:37
And the crazy thing about all this is putting it together and seeing this asset class and just falling in love with everything about it. And I have y’all to think about that. The thank for that. Because it really kind of cut my teeth into this and kind of built the dream that I’ve been doing for the last three years basically putting this slowly together.

Lisa RichartHernandez  2:58
Yeah. And I just I’m so impressed by that. Actually, when you when you called me the first time you’re like, I’m putting together this RV Resort. I’m like I’m in well, Obi Wan, when when can we be

George  3:08
there Nashville, we’re, we’re rolling, we’re on our

Lisa RichartHernandez  3:11
way. Yeah. So that that was really, really, really cool. And then to see the actual designs, which I I would, if we can share them, whenever they’re ready to share their registers, I’ll put them in the show notes if we can, because it’s just a bit looks, it’s going to be beautiful. You’ve really put a lot of thought into the design and concept. And I think it’s going to be fabulous.

George  3:33
And for all of you out there. This is Joey’s first shot at an RV Resort. And from what we’ve seen, he has hit a homerun. I mean, we’re we are super excited to team up with them and help them however we can. And we’re looking at the plans. And I mean, we’re we’re super excited. So we can’t wait for you to break ground.

Joey Locker  3:52
Oh, that’s gonna be amazing and have any part of this? I mean, it seems like you’ve been a part of it from the beginning. I mean, I’ve asked so many questions. I’ve used text messages back and forth with you guys as pictures in my business plan. Like as to banks based off of that. And they were like, who’s Lisa? I was and I go into this story about how I’ve followed you and all this and then how it’s just played just right into putting this together. And it kind of just goes back to just keeping taking the next step and talking to people about this has been able to open those doors and keep me moving forward with everything.

Lisa RichartHernandez  4:35
Yeah. So how did you even tell us a little bit about how you found the property what’s gone into the development because I mean, this has been like a passion project for you for a while now. So like, tell us a story about that. I know that story, but I want you to share it with our listeners.

Joey Locker  4:51
Um, well, this kind of all started going together. A couple years ago when I met my now girlfriend who is the mother of my child I met her family, they live in Indiana. And they have a piece of property on Murrow lake with about 30 other people that they have fifth wheel trailers that no one owns a fifth wheel truck, they get them shipped in from the manufacturer, they set them on the property and they build their compounds around them. And it’s their lake life without the lake costs, like life costs. So I loved it, I fell in love with that. I’m like, Alright, I need to do this in Nashville, me and the buddies can buy fifth wheels, we can have a piece we can piece the property, we can have the lake life without having to drop a million dollars on the right house, you’re just like, perfect. So started putting that together. This looking falling more and more in love with the this class of of investing, and started really putting it together. And then it was probably a couple of months before we started really pulling the trigger on property and whatnot. That my girlfriend’s friend, her family actually owns lots in Vegas, like, oh, yeah, we own slots in Vegas. I’m like, What do you mean, you own lots in Vegas, and they start talking about the price. And I moved to the front of my chair and just glued and from that on, I put just countless hours of research into this and realize there was an asset class out here that was kind of untouched in the US market. I mean, you had less than 20 in the United States or really went after the class a luxury class of people. And there wasn’t one within 300 miles of Nashville, Tennessee. Yeah,

George  6:36
we have Yes, we know.

Lisa RichartHernandez  6:39
We say that the key away there, which is a really nice key away, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t own it, you know, the key owns it.

Joey Locker  6:47
So falling, learning more about this. Going into looking into Hilton Head looking into Las Vegas motorcoach looking into mountain falls, each one of those had those uniqueness about it that you saw nowhere else. And we’ve talked about this a couple of times that the more I talked about this, the more I realized no one even knew this existed. They’re like, What do you mean, people are buying lots and they’re spending a half a million dollars on them? Like, you’re nuts. So that brought into more challenges of Okay, great idea. But how do you sell this to someone? How do you sell this to a bank? How do you sell it, you got to convince everybody, every single one so you’re kind of reinventing the wheel. But it was literally just bringing to light, what already existed, and then what the Nashville market was lacking itself. So going from realizing that this is a great idea, starting how to put it together and back to where you said, This is my first resorts. I have a day job I work in the flooring, flooring, so it’s not something that you have a development background or any of these things. So I had to figure out a way to put put it together and make it look professional, and sell it to everyone. And in the beginning stages. It was countless YouTube videos, watching listen to your podcast watching Andrew Steele on on YouTube just Googling as much as you could. And then like, Okay, I you need to put property together, you need to do this, you needed to do that. But at the end of the day, you really needed to put it together and make it look good on paper. So I started Googling how to build an RV Resort. And one of the random Google searches I had popped up was outdoor design group and Colorado. Yeah. And he puts together these he will help you design them come up with a financials behind it and everything. So it’s kind of a one stop package for this itself. So I was lucky enough. We take trips out to Colorado every years on snowboard and chips, man, the guys will take a trip out there. And during that trip, I was like, well, if I’m out here, maybe I can meet Matt as well. So Todd that in met met Matt met his firm, and just fell in love and shook his hand and like, hey, let’s do this. Let’s let’s put this together. He flew out to Nashville. Oh yeah, he flew out to Nashville. I had set a meeting with the economic director in Cheatham County where we’re doing this so that we could all meet and that they knew I was serious that I had a team behind me and that this rookie wasn’t coming in not knowing how to do this, but he put together an entire team to be able to accomplish this itself. So it just won them over from the beginning itself. And it’s it’s kind of been riding itself ever since.

Lisa RichartHernandez  9:37
Yeah, that’s great. He’s definitely a great asset and we need to give him a little plug.

Joey Locker  9:42
What says Matt Coren from outdoor design group and they’re in Denver,

Lisa RichartHernandez  9:47
yeah, in Denver. So if you check out their website, we’ll put that in the show notes too, but you can see all their different designs and stuff that they’ve done on there. They do all resorts like all over all over the place. Yeah.

Joey Locker  9:56
And he’s, he’s kind of blown up. He’s doing different resorts. All over the country. This is his first of this asset of this big itself. But there’s only so many in the country that is right do this. Yeah, General. So, and that was the thing. It was like, Well, who you working with who’s done this before? I was like, There’s only been like 20 to 30 people who’s ever done this ever, it could be hard to find those people, right? So you’re kind of recreating something that’s been done somewhere else, but doing it in your own mind and your own vision outside of Nashville. So there’s a big selling point. Yeah,

Lisa RichartHernandez  10:31
yeah, definitely. And I love that, the, that you have a way to stay like there’s a rental side and a part that you can purchase that I’m looking at the design of where you’re just listening to it as our listeners, so half of the resort is is kind of like the owner side where it’s gated and more private, I guess, for lack of any better term, it has its own clubhouse, pickleball, of course, always. Swimming Pool, we’ve got a couple of dog parks and walking trails, like all throughout the resort,

Joey Locker  11:04
bathhouses, all that on there. Yeah. And even a restaurant, which is awesome. The restaurant as well, that’ll that’ll be coming in probably face to itself. But yeah, like you mentioned, half of the resort is going to be rental side. So maybe from the background I had, I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I grew up tent camping. That’s how I cut my teeth in this world where we went to a lake in Tennessee, Normandy Lake pista tent for seven days, we can’t eat hot dogs. And that’s kind of what we did. So I wanted to also give people a way to get into camping. So with that, you’ll have 10 rental cabins on the property as well, because people are sometimes worried about the outdoors, they have a stigma about it, and but they don’t know how to transition into it or even get into it. So giving them a cabin that has kind of turned key gets them out into this world where they can start mingling with everyone and just enjoy the outdoors. Yeah, and enjoying the people that I fell in love with. Because we’ve mentioned this before, it’s hard to find a bad person in this industry itself. And if they do find them, they’re usually out pretty quickly. Yeah, it’s so

Lisa RichartHernandez  12:15
funny, because we say that pretty much everywhere we go. Like nobody would choose to stay like we always meet the nicest couples because wouldn’t choose to be in 400 square feet together, like 20 like each other. Right? And then we do so much living outside of our coaches, you know, outside, we’re outside walking the dogs outside, you know, just enjoying the outside doing so many things in nature. So if you’re just like a jerk, nobody is going to like want to do that. No one’s playing pickleball with you. Right, exactly.

George  12:46
Definitely not playing tennis with you. Yeah.

Lisa RichartHernandez  12:50
So we have, we always meet great people. And so that’s

George  12:54
and there is such a sense of community. Because we always we always come down here and we say oh, we’re gonna go and relax and, and just lay back. And every time we get here, we get invited to this guy’s RV, come over and have a cocktail, come over and have dinner. Come over and do this a tonight we’re doing that. And by the time we leave here, we’re like, we need a vacation. It’s so much fun, but it just doesn’t stop and but that’s the beauty of it. And it’s just there is a big sense of community.

Lisa RichartHernandez  13:25
Yeah. And so we’re at Hilton Head Island motorcoach resort right now Joey came down to to visit us in this place. And

Joey Locker  13:32
it’s crazy if you’ve never been, it’s mind boggling. Yeah. He’s

Lisa RichartHernandez  13:35
just like, This is what oh my god, this is amazing. I was like, Yeah, we love it. But a lot of motorcoach owners that own lots here own lots all over the country. So we were explaining that to Joey and in my like I said my dream life would be to have four different lots at four different places and spend three months of the best parts of the year

George  13:57
at all the warm weather. Yes, exactly. Exactly.

Joey Locker  14:00
Working on that national for Yonex Yeah, absolutely.

Lisa RichartHernandez  14:04
Yeah, we’ve been we’ve been fighting over who gets

George  14:06
so we’ve been we’ve been talking about the two sides of the resort but we so it’s 150 lots on each side Correct. 150 only There you go.

Lisa RichartHernandez  14:15
And also this is pretty cool. Watch I can I can see because I’m looking at at the map rendering of it but so it’s located on the water on the river. What’s the name of that river Cumberland River, the Cumberland River and so they’ll have a boat launch and some trailer storage. And then one whole section. I don’t know how many acres that is Joey where all the boardwalks are kind of over the water where the Indian burial grounds were. Can you tell us a little bit more about that for the listeners?

Joey Locker  14:44
So the the Indian burial part about the property has it has a unique story in itself because I didn’t really realize it was there when I started looking at the property and was out touring the property with the Chamber of Commerce and And one of the gentlemen that was with us, and then Miss Perry, as we’re coming around the front of the property, there’s a part of it that looks like it’s coming off the top of the hill, but it also looks like male. And he looks at it and he goes, Man, that would be crazy if that was an Indian mount. And I was like, What do you mean, in any amount? He goes, Well, if it’s in any amount, you’re gonna be able to do anything here. I’m like, Well, then why are we still talking? If you think that’s an Indian mound, like I don’t even need to be torn this property. So we finished the property. And as I’m sitting here on the property, I got on Google and started, like, what happens if you find an Indian barrel or whatever? And it basically kept going back to the Department of Archaeology. So I called Tennessee State Department of Archaeology. got a hold of a gentleman named Aaron Dieter Wolf, who was the state’s archaeologist, asked him about the property, it was like, and is this is this a Indian mound? He goes, No, we’ve labeled all the Indian mounds in the state. He goes, you’re lucky he goes, but you do have some possible Indian heritage on that property. He, the next day, drove to the property, maybe there, he was so excited. And Aaron has been, he’s been a great asset, because he’s taught me so much about just the history itself. So I’m part of the property itself. It used to be an area for instead of the Indians being farmers, they were fishermen. So there were mussels and clams and shelf shelf life there that they were able to collect over 1000s of years. So you can go back there. And unfortunately, people have been back there with backhoes, and been buckets and shovels. So they’ve been looting it itself. So but with that is expose some areas where you’re looking at just shelf life of 5000 years old. Debt, I mean, centuries after centuries of shelf life. And I’m like, this is this is amazing. I didn’t know this was here. I’m a I’m a history buff when it comes to this stuff that kind of is unique. And I want to protect history as well. It’s not that you need to forget it. Right? So in that over that, and that area is kind of a swampy area. Anyways, it’s near Palm Creek on the property. So you can’t really develop in that area anyways. So we’re like, what if we turn this into a boardwalk Park, and we have markers, and we represent the history and we bring it back to life. So somebody’s losing it, because no one in that county even knows that’s there. Wow. So this will be a way to really teach people about it and protect it at the same time. And respect the area. Yeah,

Lisa RichartHernandez  17:35
I love that. I love that. And that just, I mean, that just makes like, just a really cool place to be like without even happened to be at a destination aside from just being in Nashville. You know what I mean? Like, you can go to Nashville and check that out. But just staying in the resort is going to be really cool.

Joey Locker  17:49
So that’s the big point of this. And as you guys know, living in this is you need to have a thing for everyone to stay on the resort and be able to be comfortable and have as much fun as they want to, but be able to go off and do other things as well. Correct. So I want to be able to keep as many people in the resort have events, we have an outdoor amphitheater that will have on property for I mean, we live in Nashville, so we’re gonna get many country stars out there playing acoustic mean, you’re not gonna do anything. We’re not gonna go back to your, your metal days. No. Maybe well, I’m talking I’d

George  18:24
like to see

Lisa RichartHernandez  18:26
a lot of elevators lately.

Joey Locker  18:30
But out there. So you have a country store in the clubhouse, a resort style pool, a little coffee shop, all these little things that will keep you on the resort and comfortable. But knowing that the shuttle we’ll have on property will take you to downtown Nashville and things can get a little crazy. That’s awesome. You can come back to the calmness once that over. Yeah,

Lisa RichartHernandez  18:50
yeah, that’s awesome. And so tell us about you talked about the sort of barndominium design of the main clubhouse. And when you told me who was designing, you’re like the barndominium lady, and I was like, I know, I follow her. I want to barndominium so bad. I’ve probably talked about that a million times. So I’m almost like starstruck by want to meet the barndominium. Lady. They seem like my thing is that these renderings, which we’ll put online, are beautiful that she’s done. What can you tell us about her and some of the designs of some of the buildings and what your what your vision is?

Joey Locker  19:22
Yeah, so luckily, about where the where the resort is, is going to be located along that road is a bunch of barndominium homes. I mean, you have a lot of big farms out there, that gorgeous barndominiums through there. So instead of trying to change or come up with a different kind of design, let’s just do barndominium theme through it all. And that’s when I started doing my Googling and doing the research and whatnot, and came across Stacy and the Barnum, the barndominium lady, and just looked at her designs and her read And just in the barndominium theme, it goes right into the RV world itself because typically barndominium you have an RV that you’re parking at anyways. Yeah,

Lisa RichartHernandez  20:09
she’s out of Texas, Texas. Yeah, there’s a lot of barndominiums in Texas, which is when I was like, I just want to move to Texas. I can live in a barndominium. But we’ve

Joey Locker  20:18
we found her foundry Instagram and she’s got a good following on there and then one of her videos most of our videos have started on tick tock has that little tick tock little thing on there. So went to her tick tock, and she had half a million followers. I know I’m like, Oh, are you?

Lisa RichartHernandez  20:35
I thought that’s how I found I follow her on tick tock. That’s how I like. So when I have to explain what I want to someone like like, what’s a barndominium? I’m like, go check this out. Yeah, this is amazing. So let me show you. We’ll put her contact info in the show notes too. So you can also stalk the barndominium lady

Joey Locker  20:51
is phenomenal. You won’t be disappointed. Yeah,

George  20:54
but you gotta hook us up with her info. I would love to interview her. I know you would.

Joey Locker  20:58
Oh, she’s great. And her husband Oliver the nicest group of humans. That’s

Lisa RichartHernandez  21:03
awesome. So it’s kind of like a metal roof design. Wood natural wood. You’re gonna have

George  21:11
big open spaces. Yeah.

Joey Locker  21:13
sitting areas, firepits fireplaces, the outdoor kitchen areas itself beautiful for those owners to come in and really design their lights out based on some of the criteria that we have because we want to keep the theme going through the entire resort with the barndominium. So your main clubhouse that would be somewhere in the nine to 10,000 square foot range. That will be a big Martin minium style with limestone, Tennessee limestone, surrounding it walkways, and then your private clubhouse as well, which is around 2500 square foot with with pool will have the barndominium theme, a little outdoor bar around the pool, things that will really go into that kind of luxury lifestyle over there. But keep that barndominium theme and then also go into the restaurant will have on property as well, we’ll have a Barnum and fill with your big garage doors going out to big decks and everything that everyone can hang out and kind of really enjoy the outdoors.

George  22:11
It’s awesome. And then you’re blending into the community too. Because if that’s what’s around you, that’s awesome. You’re won’t be the eyesore.

Joey Locker  22:18
Yeah, and that’s and the good thing about the way the property is set up, the way we’re going to develop it is once you’re you’ve got a little over half a mile of property of river, I mean, we’ll road frontage on the property. So we’ll want to sit the resort inside of it a little bit so that when people are driving back, they just see large trees lit up. And there’s like, what is what’s going on in there. They get to the main insurances, and they’re like, Oh, my, what I didn’t know this existed, have them start Googling it and start doing that it’s kind of the premise of it won’t be able to really see into the resort, you’ll be with the small things. But I want you to have to google us to really figure out what we’re about. Right?

Lisa RichartHernandez  22:57
That’s, that’s awesome. That just keeping all the trees and nature and you know, natural landscaping and

Joey Locker  23:03
because right now the entire property, the 72 acres right now is nothing but trees and brush. I mean, it’s got one road in one road out. So their first steps would be going in fixing up the river side, because you got to half a mile river side on that. And then you’ll go in and do your clearing. And then we’ll come back once we get ready to break ground and start picking the trees we need to move or how can we maneuver a spot so that we can keep the certain trees as well?

Lisa RichartHernandez  23:31
All right. So speaking of break ground, what is your target date for that? Tell us some timelines. So

Joey Locker  23:37
we’ve been we’ve really been going through things over the last couple of weeks with my construction team and everyone. And the biggest thing is really getting through some of the permitting schedule. So as I mentioned, with the Indian heritage on this, this is this is federal, this is the great big government that we love in the United States. But you’ve got to go through a bunch of different hands on this. And anything that gets in the federal could be a month or it could be three months. But through all this I’ve been kind of forward thinking and going and shaking hands with people who make decisions. And luckily, we’ve had the people who are really making decisions. They literally live in Nashville, I can show it their office, from the FEMA to the the Corp of Engineers to the archaeologists, all of these people are all in Nashville and are on board with the resort. We love what you’re doing, Joey, we we believe in this. How can we help? So we think right now, things are going to break ground is going to be August, September of this year. And then we’ll probably have at least a year of build time. So we’re looking at probably mid to late 2025 2024 is when we’ll kind of open for your first guest Yeah. And because phase one is going to be more of opening up the public side for people to come in really start getting a vision of the resort and we sell that vision to by having placards or big signs that say, Hey feature home have this really kind of sell it to everyone and sell those those individual lots off as well, for owners that come in.

Lisa RichartHernandez  25:14
Okay, so people will be able to pre you’re gonna do some pre sales.

Joey Locker  25:19
Oh, you’re gonna get the hype up a little bit. That’s right.

Lisa RichartHernandez  25:23
That’s right. So you can always contact us that our view podcast so we can get you get you on the list. That’d be the next one to get a lot there. I know, they’re gonna sell really quickly. So that’s exciting. Oh, these are the questions that we’re going to have, are you going to accept all types of regs or it was only going to be class A’s or class C’s? Or what kind of regulations are you going to have with that,

Joey Locker  25:45
so in the private community, B Class A only itself, so you’ll you’ll need a Class A to be able to buy and have a deeded lot in the private community. But in the other side of it, I look at it as a transition phase with a lot of owners, you can we’ll have some of the your nicer class C’s summer, your your super C’s, and then you’ll have some of your luxury fifth wheels as well. Because if you look at and the reason this goes into just data and me looking at every kind of angle that you can, when you look into the industry itself, a lot of times people are transitioning into bigger things from that the fifth wheel, they’ll go into the class A and I don’t want to exclude some of those people who are almost on the cusp of buying a Class A because I believe the resort could also be a selling factor to some of these $200,000 fifth wheels are coming in here. They’re like, Man, I really want to own over there. And then they transition into a class A so they do buy in there, right?

Lisa RichartHernandez  26:42
Yeah. Yeah, it’s funny, because we do tailgating with some friends and they have fifth wheels, really, really beautiful ones. And they’re like, Yeah, we’re ready. We’re gonna get a Class A nice, you know, and you think about it, these people spend, I don’t know, 150 200,000 on the, on the, you know, fifth wheel, but the, the the truck that it takes to pull that is like $150,000 dually. You know, it’s like, why don’t you just get the coats and tow the jeep?

George  27:09
Well, we’ve had that conversation before where people are like, Oh my god, I could get this fifth wheel for, you know, some of them are $89,000 They’re like, we can get into this for 89,000 and then you go Yeah, but you need $150,000 truck to tow this thing. You know, so it’s it’s all relative. But yeah, that is very true people. There’s a lot of a big market out there of Fifth Wheel owners that are right on the verge of making that next next move

Joey Locker  27:37
and if I give them a place the park that nice class, they they’re going to it maybe give us that little edge.

Lisa RichartHernandez  27:43
Last little incentive they needed. Yeah, that that was kind of how when we were out in Moab, Utah, the portal RV was very similar to that setup, where they had like, owners section and then they had like, just the rental section in the front. So there was like, two different sections. And yeah, we were there renting and we’re like, Man, I want to buy one of these. I’m gonna go over here. They had like whole casinos and stuff, though to that you could they were like a million dollars, but they were really cool. But um, that’s wouldn’t be one of my other questions, because I know people are gonna ask if you can put casinos on their buildings, what your building restrictions are going to be.

Joey Locker  28:19
So with the property itself, we’re going to stick with the outdoor kitchens pavilions, nothing that you can actually have a bed on and actually stay on at that. Because once you get into the habitable spaces and stuff like that, it changes a lot of the zoning regulations you need. And you’ve got to go through a completely different set of things with that. So I like the outdoor field, I keep going back to mountain falls, because mountain Falls is kind of one of the pinnacles of those out there itself. And their lower Ridge is just nothing but pavilions, outdoor kitchens that you can kind of really yeah, do the limits with they’re gorgeous. And of course, they’ve stepped their game up with the rich houses that are selling for 1.5 to 2 million

Lisa RichartHernandez  29:03
now. Right? Yeah. Yeah. But that’s I’m like, I’d like one of these on the water and I’d like a little ridge River’s Edge houses or something like that. But these, I love the pavilions and the renderings, which like again, I said well put online that are gorgeous. So it’s really exciting.

Joey Locker  29:24
So one of the big reasons I came to South Carolina besides seeing Hilton Head itself the resort was to actually come down here today and start really talking about Lisa coming on and being the broker and real estate agent for the resort lease has been literally followed your podcast and learned about this business it’s

Lisa RichartHernandez  29:46
so exciting to me because I you know love it so much anyways, we are probably already sold like 10 lot just from our Oh yeah. Friends. There’s gonna be this place in Nashville. We’re gonna get in on the ground floor.

Joey Locker  29:59
So it was So, as I’ve been going through this, I think I’ve told you guys a little bit in the past is that I thought about getting my real estate agent and my real estate license. So my my partners were talking about getting their license, or we can sell this. And then when we look at it, no, we can’t we don’t, this isn’t just a house that you normally go after buyers, these are specific people. And you got to know how to market it. Yeah. So don’t recreate the wheel, get some of the best of the best. It’s in the business who’s doing this from a day to day who live this lifestyle itself and immerse themselves into it, bring them on partner with them, because through your podcast, it was like I hadn’t met we’ve talked multiple times throughout this past year. So it was just it made sense to come here. Really meet you guys in person, I knew I was hiring. I knew I was hiring you before I give it. I was like these only following you from what you’ve done on your social media to everything. It’s, you’ve done a great way of branding yourself. And one of the big things about any business is being able to brand yourself and be able to give something that the customers are going to enjoy and want to be around and that goes into your personality as well. Being a I’ve got plenty of friends who are real estate agents that don’t make it because they don’t have the personality to be able to go out and talk to the people and stuff like that and make yourself a part of that community.

Lisa RichartHernandez  31:22
Yeah, well, thank you. That’s such a great huge compliment. It’s always nice, you know, you like are in your own world or whatever. And you don’t really think about I do think about how other people perceive me. But like when someone says that, like, Well, I only know you from your social media. That’s Oh, that’s awesome. And then I am really I think the same person.

Joey Locker  31:42
Exactly. And that’s always the thing about the internet is you never know if that person who was behind the camera or is doing that is the same person you’re meeting in person because they’re living on a camera and living on the on the internet. Right. But when they put that microphone down, who are they? Can we grab a beer? Yeah, it’s gonna be a little weird when we’re in public. Right?

Lisa RichartHernandez  32:03
Right. Yeah. Well, you

George  32:04
didn’t know, before you came down here. But we weren’t coming up. Either way. I’m glad it worked out. It would have been really awkward.

Lisa RichartHernandez  32:13
How soon will they have a place for me to park? Real Estate license? Yeah, he’s coming out of retirement for those.

George  32:20
That’s right. That’s how much I believe in this mission. I mean, just from day one, that you Lisa told me about it. And then that first time that we talked, I said to Lisa, we are on board with this, no matter what we have to do, we got it, we got to jump on this, because we’ve talked about doing something like this. But you know, now we can just join the group and Lisa’s just gonna kill it. Oh, you’re gonna kill it your statement you’ve done for this being your first attempt at this. Like if you showed me this and never said anything, I would have thought you had 10 resorts and this guy was just building another one. I mean, it is. It’s going to be top notch. Class A luxury all the way.

Lisa RichartHernandez  33:04
Oh, yeah. And you know what, it’s kind of the same way, I feel the same way about you, we started to talk and I’m like, Well, who is this guy? What’s you know, like, you know, you get calls, whatever could be you put your money where your mouth is or not? And I was like, No, this guy’s really serious. Like he’s putting the work in. And he’s doing all this, you know, research and figuring it out. And then when the designs came out, I was like, Oh, my god, that’s amazing. Like, he’s, this is really happening. And, and so many people talk about doing things, and then other people do things. And that to me, just as like, I love your entrepreneurial spirit. And I love that you said, I grew up, I was one of the first people to even graduate from high school, let alone college. And I just knew, you know, I wanted to go to work and and you just learned everything. Like, you have to be a self starter, I think to be a really, really successful entrepreneur, and you’re just like, right on your way. So I love to be a part of your journey. And I feel like so I’m so excited. I’m just as excited for you as like, I’m for me, really, I truly am. Because I’m like, it’s gonna be so great. This guy has made this happen. I love that. And it’s, I look at my children, you know, they’re younger than you like just starting their life and their careers. And I’m like, That’s what I want you to be when you grow up.

Joey Locker  34:15
I mean, it’s, it’s a lot of it is just, it’s kind of putting your head down. And I guess this is kind of my motto in life. And it’s from a book. But it’s literally just just take the next step, just take the next step, stop worrying so far ahead that you’re not taking steps because the vision gets a little bit more clear, the more steps you take itself, and then at some point, it kind of opens up and you’ve got you’ve got open vision to what you’re doing because you’ve got people saying they Hey, I believe in you this will work and that was the thing at the beginning with a project like this. There’s so there’s only few resorts in the in the United States that are like this. So no one knew anything about it? So going out and selling it, you’re just like, Okay, how do I can? How do I convince you that someone is actually spending a half a million dollars on a lot and they’re not saved? You were actually out of your mind. Right? Yeah, building that itself wasn’t easy. But it was literally just, we live in the age of information. I mean, I’m a millennial. I grew up on Facebook, I grew up on the internet. So you can learn anything you want on there, you just literally have to go look for it. And with being a curious mind, and my girlfriend hates me for this. But when you guys probably run this your relationship, someone will ask a question. And I typically be like, Oh, I wonder how that works. And or she will, this is usually where she’ll be like, I wonder how that works. I’m like, Oh, I’m not really sure. And she’s like, okay, and leaves and leaves a conversation without getting the answer that kills me. I’m like, no, no, no, yeah, I’m three hours into figuring how my sync works. Yeah.

George  36:02
I have 45 videos on YouTube later.

Lisa RichartHernandez  36:04
We all learn in different ways. Like he’s a video person, I read a lot of things or whatever, and do a lot of research on the internet. But I wake up, and I’m like, Oh, I’m gonna do this today. And he’s like, what? And I’m like, Oh, I’m gonna do another podcast, it’s gonna be about this. And I’ve decided that I’m gonna, like, start marketing this thing to that or whatever. And he’s like, Okay, well have a nice day. You

George  36:27
know, usually I say, How can I help you? Yeah, either gotta help it already left behind. But yes, if it. If you can’t find it on Youtube, it doesn’t exist. That’s

Joey Locker  36:40
That’s it. I mean, and that was like I was there was a, I can’t remember the name of the couple while I Googled, but on YouTube, I was, like I literally said, I said, How do you start a RV Resort. And there was a couple in Colorado that was just doing a, like 50 spot thing, but they were doing it from ground up, and started just listening to what they were doing a little bit. And we talked a little bit about this before the podcast is looking into how something is accomplished itself from a business side and building something. And through my career, I’ve worked with different developers and different business guys itself, who had great ideas, they had a phenomenal idea. And this goes into why they failed. Some of these people did fail. Some of them had really successful projects. But you look at the really great projects that failed. You looked at it as one, they failed, and they went in had a great project. And then they went to the city and said, Hey, I’m going to do this. And it seems like, well, that doesn’t even fit into what we are as a county or a city. We don’t want this, it that’d be better suited somewhere else. And it’s because they didn’t do the due diligence upfront. So with all of this, I knew I had a great idea from doing my research and talking to you guys and everything. But at the time, at the same time. I didn’t know where this would fit in at the same time. Like it would be great Nashville and Nashville be great. But the county and zoning and everything that kind of goes into that is different from county to county, right? So went to Nashville, ask them what if they will love it? If they’d like this idea if this would be great. They’re like, great, Joey, this would be a great idea. We’d love to have this in our county. But here’s the hoops. You need to jump through three years worth of back stuff you need to get on this list and this, and it may happen. And I’m like, Man, you guys don’t even want business itself. Yeah. So started looking at the outliers and went to Cheatham County. And when I went up to them, I sat down with economic directors. There’s a gentleman named Jerome Terrell up there. Great, great man sat down with him. I started talking with him. I was like, JT, would you guys even want something like this? He goes, he goes, you want to you will never believe the timing that you have here. It’s like, okay, let’s go. Let’s keep talking. You goes, we just chose our so each county in the state of Tennessee chooses their growth, where do they want to grow, how they want to grow? What kind of businesses are going to track what’s going to happen? Well, Cheatham County’s was outdoors and recreation. So it set right he goes, we made this decision yesterday, while we were that was our growth factor. We were going to start attracting these people. I was like, There’s no way this happened. He goes, he goes, Do you want to meet them? Do you want to meet the mayor? And I’m like, the mayor. He goes yeah, he’s right over here. I’m like, let’s go let’s sign up the Jack Yeah, let’s go. Let’s walk over and meet the mayor. And Mayor McCarver and Cheatham county great guy. Love the idea and he’s a foodie. And I sat down he goes, I’ll be there he goes, Can I be there at the beginning of the restaurant? That’s all he cared about. Because as long as there’s good

Lisa RichartHernandez  39:52
ribbon cutting for the restaurant, I

George  39:55
should have told him you got the first table you got

Joey Locker  39:58
whatever you want, brother. Bye But it took going and getting involved in the community. So my like my advice to anyone that wants to do anything of magnitude of doing business that is going to affect the community itself, get the community on board, because I always told myself if I was going to start a business that I wanted to be able to give back to the community as well, I wanted to be that someone could look at that business and be proud that it’s in the community itself, instead of being that eyesore or right, man, when can we get this guy out of here? Because I know you guys are seeing some of that here at the motorcoach resort with osmosis machines. Right? Yeah, yes, things that are coming in that kind of mess up with what you’re doing at the same time. But it some like that progress Ness, it messes with other people’s, right? Yes, but some progress is good for the community itself. So it’s how you go about it, I think is

George  40:56
important and not coming in like a wrecking ball. Like I’m gonna do this and screw you guys. Yeah, that’s

Joey Locker  41:00
the thing where I saw developers fail is this is, this is a great, I’m gonna make so much money, this is gonna be great. But you’re not really great for the community. Right. And if you’re not, and Cheatham County is a is a community that really wants you to be a part of it and give back to the community because they don’t want these skyscrapers coming in from Nashville and condos and just ruining things itself. So

George  41:24
that’s, that’s very understandable. Yeah, otherwise, I mean, growth is coming anyway. But like, where we live in Mount Pleasant. You blink an eye and there’s another giant apartment giant apartment complex, and you turn the corner here, like, when did they build this? Where the heck are all these people going to go where the roads just, it’s just I totally understand why they’re there. Like, okay, make some slow. Yeah.

Joey Locker  41:49
And that’s they’ve been they’ve unfortunately, Cheatham County has been like that for too long. And it hurt the growth of the county itself. But that was the way they went, they protected it as well. So there’s give and take on both sides. And now that they become more, you’ve had some younger people get on their their boards and really see how they need to bring in the right businesses. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to kick out all businesses, but you need to be picky on which ones you kind of bring in so that you’re not bringing in the right, you’re not bringing the wrong people as well, like I had told you earlier, I had a meeting with one of the commissioners, and he was an ex FBI or ex TBI, which is Tennessee’s FBI itself, and I split my good. So that was still my guts to this man. I was I mean, I’m a good person, no felonies, nothing. I swear, what do you need some blood?

Lisa RichartHernandez  42:45
It I think I don’t even I think probably one of our first conversations a long time ago is like, Oh, you got Lynn. And then you talk to the people around there. Because a lot of people have even like, you know, reached out to me in the Charleston area, like, oh, man, we need to build an RV Resort. And I was like, well, you need to go talk to the municipalities first, because so many times they’re afraid it’s going to be

George  43:05
just because you think it’s great. And just because you want to build it. And just because you have the money doesn’t mean they’re gonna let you do it.

Joey Locker  43:11
Yeah, you said it right there. That’s the biggest thing. And still to this day. I mean, we haven’t got final approval, we go for final approval next week for this, but you’ve have some community members that just don’t like it, they just don’t want change. They moved to that area, because it was there’s nothing going on. And they want to keep it that they want to keep it that way. And I understand that completely. But their mindset is I’m gonna come in and then I’m bringing all these condos with me. And I’m like, where do you get RV Resort and condos where those don’t really match match together itself?

Lisa RichartHernandez  43:44
Yeah, right. Well, that’s super exciting. So we will post all of your pictures and all the design stuff and our links to the barndominium lady, and outdoor design group. And stay tuned because we’ll have more stuff to talk about as development comes along. And I’m so excited to Yeah, we

George  44:05
need to build more podcasts as things develop and keep everybody posted. And

Joey Locker  44:11
I’m slowly trying to put together a YouTube channel we’ve we’ve got our social up on Instagram, which is LSV motorcoach resort. And then on Facebook, you can look it up just the unlocker southern view as well. But we’re gonna slowly get into YouTube more and actually do the ad. I’ve been doing ra videos as I’ve mentioned, and we’ll turn those into but we’re going to do a full phase of through the construction really show things to show potential owners as well on this and then we’ll eventually try to get on Tik Tok at some point just because you have to you have to it’s been

Lisa RichartHernandez  44:49
I mean, followers on my RV because I’ve got some like, I’ve got some viral videos I’m not in any of them think they’re like 2 million Oh am I had 222 2000 views on my costume from fantasy. Oh really?

Joey Locker  45:05
Wow. And that’s what’s gonna help sell all this yeah

Lisa RichartHernandez  45:10
I already have Luxury RV lot lady on Tik Tok. I just gotta start posting my videos. So, all right, well, thanks so much, Joey. It was great talking to you and like and share our podcast so we can have more visitors. Alrighty,

Joey Locker  45:25
thank you.

intro  45:30
Thanks for listening to another episode of RView. Don’t forget to drop us a line at That’s the letter And like, subscribe and follow us so you don’t miss out on our next adventure.

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